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Aisha Nedege was a perfect candidate for the Rose’s Journey scholarship because she is already working as a nurse in the Hope Ward of International Hospital Kampala.  Having already obtained a diploma which qualified her for this work, she is now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

International Health Sciences University (IHSU) identified Aisha as a candidate for this scholarship due to her enthusiasm and potential for leadership.  Aisha, 26, is currently working at Hope Ward, pursuing her degree with IHSU, and financing the school fees for her younger brother.  Her hope is to capitalize on the scholarship and education through IHSU to further involve herself in community health care and the specialized field of oncology. 


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Anita Ashaba, 20, is beginning her third year of a four year nursing program.  She is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Nursing at IHSU and would like to specialize in the field of pediatrics.  Anita is a full-time student who has managed to fund her way through the first two years of her studies.  She was identified for this scholarship by IHSU in large part due to her work ethic and studies.

The Rose’s Journey scholarship is particularly advantageous for Anita because she was no longer able to cover the University’s fees.  This scholarship is allowing her to continue pursuing a degree program that she otherwise would have had to abandon.

Recipients of the 2011 Rose’s Journey Nursing Scholarships

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